Multiple Connection

Bulk SMS Software Features

* Life Time License
* Address Book (Manual and Existing Upload System
* Sent Item
* Unsent Item
* Template
* Import Database
* Automatic Number Generator
* Flash SMS
* GSM Modem Settings
* Inbox and Process Events
* Signal Level
* Automatic Mobile Detecting System
* Parsing Message and Filter System
* Add Group & Numbers
* Connect GSM Modem
* SMS Reports
* Delete Option Sent Item
* No Need Internet Connection
* 160 Characters/ SMS
* WITH 4 GB free Pen drive

System Requirements

* Supports Windows XP 32 bit
* .NetFramework 2.0

Screen Shots



bulksms1 bulksms2 bulksms3 bulksms4 bulksms5 bulksms6 bulksms7 bulksms8 bulksms9 bulksms10


* Basic Package
* Standard Package
* Premium Package
* Custom Package


Bulk SMS Software Miracle Version 3.0

Help Documents


Download demo software file in .ZIP format from our company website and right click the .ZIP file, choose extract file here.

Open the file “SMS Miracle Demo” and double click the icon “SMS Miracle”. If click the icon, any application error occur please double click the “DotnetFix.exe” in below url “

Double click the “SMS Miracle” file, now our software will be opened. Address book, its mainly used to add new group, view all name and information, and export all group details.

New sms, it’s mainly used to send a sms. You have to import any excel sheet or manually enter the mobile number, type your message or choose any template and click the button “send to outbox”. 1, 2, 3 is mainly used for auto generate the mobile numbers.

Outbox only used for finding the gsm device, events and signal strength. The device was found in com1 or 2 or 3 or any comport, just choose it and click start sms. The signal strength will displayed and all sms will send automatically.

Template, is mainly used for create new template or edit existing template. Settings, is only used for setting a baud rate of mobile signal.

Normally mobile baud rate is 19200. A sent and unsent item is used to take a report for any excel sheet.

SMS Reminder Software is Available as Custom SMS Software